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A safe space for self-awareness and inner-growth support in a small group.

PositivEmotion provides a chance to connect with individuals facing similar challenges, offering intuitive guidance and ongoing support. Within each group, we will practice grounding, guidance, and centering while moving through the provided topic to enhance connections with one other and our true selves.

​Each circle is focused on the Foundations of Self-Love. Topics include Self-acceptance, Self-awareness and honesty, Self-care, Self-comparison and forgiveness, Self-expression, Self-empowerment, Self-esteem, Self-respect and honor, Self-pleasure, and Self-trust.  

These Foundations guide the direction of sharing within the circles however they are an open and welcoming space, where membership is not sequential; you can join at any point. These gatherings are dedicated to fostering connection, building intuition, and cultivating self-love within a supportive community

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